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Masterlink Studio

Since 2004 Masterlink Studio is the first address in Berlin when it comes to music productions, from Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, Reggae Dancehall and other music styles from the four corners of the world. Capture your ideas at the Masterlink Studio.

Reggae Superstars like Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel, TOK, Yellowman, Bunny Rugs and Joseph Hill, just to name a few, used to record at Masterlink when visiting Germany.
Choose from a vintage microphone collection of german rarities from Sennheiser, Neumann etc , as well as superb analog outboard gear and the latest digital plug ins.
Daw of your choice: The studio is equipped with ProTools 12 , Cubase 10 Pro and the latest version of Studio One 4.
If you like you can record also on analogue tape.
Mixing desks: SSL, Yamaha, HUI Controllers
Monitors: Geithain, Adam Audio, Yamaha, Monkey Banana Turbo (small) Focal BE Twin.